Custom Computer Imaging
Speedy Deployment Options.

Everyday PC offers custom imaging as a value added service to help schools save time and money with a simplified, time-saving hardware deployment.

We have a number of technology specialists that can help you create and duplicate a custom school image to be installed on all your computers prior to delivery. When you partner with Everyday PC, our mission is to always help save you time and money.

"We upgraded several computer labs within our district and suddenly had to configure 800 new computers before the start of the school year. Everyday PC was able to help us configure each and every computer and had them shipped to us 100% ready to go. We couldn't believe how simple the entire process was. They saved us a lot of stress and more importantly a lot of time!"
-G. Snyder, Network Administrator


Demo Unit
We'll ship you a demo unit, identical to the units you've purchased.

You'll image the demo unit with all your settings then send it back.

We then duplicate your image to all your other machines.



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